Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: New Favorite

I am a marketing execs dream. If you put it in a pretty package, I will try it. If I like it, I will keep buying it. I am a huge fan of oxi clean - I use the spray to pre-treat my clothes. A few years ago, I won a thousand bucks from them when I entered a contest about how I used oxiclean. My daughter had left a crayon in her pants pocket that I missed when sorting the clothes. The end result was that the inside of my dryer looked like a rainbow and all the clothes were covered in crayon. I washed and washed and washed - finally getting all the crayon out - but my dryer was still a mess so I decided to try the oxiclean spray on the inside of the dryer - it worked! I wrote to the company, who was having a contest and I won a thousand dollars - I am still a loyal oxiclean customer.

Fast Forward a few years, I am now living in a 120-year-old-house. Everything is new or has been redone except the bathtub on the second floor. It is an original cast iron tub that the builder who redid the house decided was worth keeping - I would have thrown it to the curb in a minute. Tub is in great shape - but had some rusting issues around the drain and some yellowing issues on the porcelain. I scrubbed it with soft scrub - not much luck. I scrubbed it with Comet - a little better but not good enough. So I set out to the store to find something to clean 120 years of soap scum off a tub.

I found it! Kaboom Foam-tastic with Oxiclean. You spray it on blue and as it eats through the dirt and soap scum it turns white. Fantastic! Love it! It works! 90% of the rust and soap scum are gone from my tub - perfect? no. But clean enough that I will let my children use it.

I have lots of other products I love - anything from Method, ivory dish soap (love the smell), Gain laundry detergent - again its about the smell. Would love to hear about some of your favorite products.


Kris said...

Thanks so much for coming by Bloggest Loser!!

Lori :) said...

My favorite products are my swiffer wet jet, clorox clean up for my white kitchen counters and the best is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Those erasers cleaned the winter slime off our boat and made it look like is was brand new, but now I am thinking I should try cleaning it next season with Oxy clean!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love Gain too! It makes some people have a terrible allergic reaction though! ICK! Thank goodness it doesn't do that to us :) We need to smell good!

I am addicted to Folex Instant Carpet Cleaner. The bottle will not stand out to you at the market, and it might be a little more expensive than the other things, but it is AMAZING and I have yet to find a stain it couldn't get out. So fab! You must try it : )

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