Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: 1/52 pics....Reading Time

OK so here's my 1 of 52 weeks of pictures of me with my kids. Can this count as three I wonder? Oh and I am SURE I
am going to hear about the!!
These are of "reading time" whereas Mike needs to read for at least 15 minutes. So if he reads every night of the month for 15 minutes and records it on his reading log, and does a little project which can range from a bookmark to a monument on one of the books we've read that month he gets a gold medal. Now bronze and silver medals are available too but somehow that is not an option for us. I know this should make me happy. He wants to read. He wants that gold medal. Thank God what is now known as the "Astronaut Incident" (see the Brain Farts Post) counted towards this month's gold medal. Thing is some nights I don't want to read. One of those pics kinda proves that. I am tired at night. Now he goes to bed a little later since he doesn't get up as early this year. Some nights we read at 9:00 pm. Some nights I want to go to bed at 8:00 pm. Some nights I want to sit down and watch my shows, not read about Han Solo.

I will admit that in Kindergarten when we had to do reading I would sometimes tell him we read extra last night so we don't have to read tonight. Does that make me a bad mom? No, I don't think it does. I am sure maybe some of you did something similar once or twice.

Can't get away with that anymore. Tonight for example. As I did battle with the program to get those groovy pics up there...(which by the way if you are reading this morning and there are pictures of strangers then this picture thing didn't work and I am now bald cause I ripped all the hair out of my head) he was calling for me to come up and read with him. Erg!!! "Can't we read in the morning?" I said. He said "No I am up here all cozy in my bed waiting for you!!!' Erg again. So off to read I go. I sit there on his bed and listen to why Freddy broke his arm...but all I am thinking that is if I go back to that computer and that picture thing didn't load I may have a temper tantrum.

Now that he is sleeping, I feel bad that I didn't really care about why Freddy broke his arm. Hopefully he didn't notice my mind was somewhere else. Before I know it he will be doing homework without my help, sprawled out on his bed with his iPod in his ears, just like another boy I know. That boy used to read to me I wish I took a picture of that.

Jenn's two cents: Cool Pictures - I still have to read to Lu - that is part of her homework, that someone else reads to them...and some nights I don't really want to read about Pa shooting the bear and the pig so Laura and Mary can meat all winter - I read that like 35 years ago LOL. Love the specs


Anonymous said...

Re the glasses: There comes a time when your arm is not long enough to hold the cake mix box far enough away to read the directions. The time for glasses has arrived!! Love the studious look. Looks like the guy reading is having a grand time!

Corrie Howe said...

Ah, yes, the reading homework. The thing I'd get so frustrated over was when they are in first grade and they are doing headstands on the couch and rolling on the floor!

Then when my third child started first grade, the teachers sent home a poem about beginning reader and how they are in fact learning to read even when they are doing headstands and rolling around on the floor. Wished I had that poem ten years prior. (Probably so does my oldest.)

Rosanne said...

I am lucky that my secoond grader is very into independent reading. All I do is ask him what he read about in the chapter and I hope he's not making it up. Don't forget though, I'm still reading Big Red Barn to some other little people, who still think I'm amazing because I know what the words say.
ps Jenn it sounds as if Little House is on deck at your house. I have the whole collection if she would like it. Nobody at my house will be interested.

Stephanie Faris said...

I don't have kids but I remember helping my younger stepsister with her reading when I was a kid. I can vividly recall sitting with her forever at the kitchen table as she sounded out all the words. You take for granted how hard it is to read until you watch someone go through learning.

Oh, and I LOVE the glasses. Very intellectual!

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