Friday, November 27, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Black Friday Update

So we shopped from Midnight to 6 a.m.

First to the outlets to get $15 jeans at Old Navy amongst other things, hit a few more stores the kids wanted to go to. Got the Diva a Betsy Johnson bag at at "steal".

Went to Kohls at 4am. Got the down comforters for $29 and Christmas ornaments at 60% off.

The crowds were not crazy this year. Yes there were lines, long lines to get into some stores even. (I draw the line at waiting to get into a store) But we had fun...we beat the traffic by going the back way. We laughed. People were in great moods. No pushing or shoving. Lots of people helping other people; "which bag to you think my daughter would like better?" "why don't you go ahead of me you don't have as much stuff. So that made it pleasant.

Checked some people off my list. Got stuff for my kids. Got home by 6am, passed out until about 10:30 am when I heard the "men" hauling up the Christmas decorations from the basement. YIKES! I didnt even un-autumn the house or clean yet!!!

It was fun. I will do it again. I realized it is a holiday tradition for us, when no one really needed to get any one thing, we just kept saying it's fun and what we do. I wanted to post pictures but my wire for my camera is MIA so I can't upload at the moment. grr

Now where are my ornaments?


Mommy Taylor said...

Sounds like you had fun! :) I got the $15 jeans at Old Navy too. Awesome price. Great fitting. Black friday is a tradition for me too, but I think I'll sleep in next year... or at least skip the toy stores!

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