Friday, November 13, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: In The Company of Women

One of the good things about being a woman, is being in the company of other women, cause they get you.

Last night we had book club. There are women there that are my dear friends, women who I only see at book club and some I just met. Yet it's so nice to sit and listen to their points of view even if they aren't the same as mine. I get to say what I think and they listen and nod or agree or disagree. It's so nice to be able to insinuate something when you are with other women or just give a look and they totally get what you mean.

Girlfriends are something I have always needed. I don't have a sister and really have never minded. I know people that don't have a sister and always wish they did. (I know some that do have sisters and sometimes wish they didn't lol.) But I never really cared because I always had a lot of friends. I had my friend on my block growing up, my friend and I married best friends, one of my closest friends I met when I was just out of high school...going on almost 25 years. I have friends that I worked with back in the day that I still see and keep in touch with. I have old and new neighbors that started out as that but are my now my friends. I have friends who I have crossed paths because of our children and have been walking on the same path for years ever since...I have newest group although we are going on almost 5+ years now so I am not sure if that still counts as new, that share my day to day.I count on them. I laugh with them. A lot. I share history with them. They are really all woven into my life that I don't know what I would do with out them. Although there may be different levels of friendships that run gamut from book club friends to friends from when I was 5 years old, each brings so many different things to the table and they are all important.

I never really understand people who don't have girlfriends. I can't seem to figure them out. I am not sure how you go through life without them. I am sure it must be great to have a sister. But with them you have no choice. The saying "friends are the family we choose" makes total sense to me.

After spending time "in the company of women" whether it be shopping, having a book club discussion or going for a cup of coffee I feel recharged. I feel happily exhausted from talking or laughing, or even crying together. Sometimes they need some one to listen, sometimes I do. Sometimes they just want to take a walk and shoot the breeze while getting exercise in. These relationships are a part of my life that I just couldn’t live without.

Jenn's two cents: Some women keep better company than others....


Lisa said...

Ya know... This is something I just don't have. Sad, huh?

Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks

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