Saturday, November 14, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: All is Quiet

My house is quiet right now. Too quiet. Eerily quiet. All of the children are gone.

I slept in this morning! The four legged children aka the dogs usually get me up at 6 but I guess they realized it was mom's day to sleep in and didn't wake me until 8. I got up and let them out into the 45 mile-per-hour winds we are having today. They are little dogs so it was fun to watch them almost get blown away.

My oldest, my boy, is camping with his Boy Scout troop. It seems to rain, snow, hail. every time his troop camps. The funny thing is the worse the weather, the more he loves it. Must be that "manly" thing...I took him out shopping yesterday for new boots - he hates to shop, I hate to shop with him. But because we were shopping for boots, he was actually excited and we had a really nice time together, just the two of us. He was proud that he can now fit into a men's shoe - me too - it makes life much easier.

My Mae, my ballerina, had a sleepover birthday party last night. I don't expect to see her until sometime this afternoon. She will be crabby and cranky for the rest of the day - she needs her sleep and is usually miserable after sleepovers. In fact, she almost always says no to sleepover parties- she would much rather be home - but it is her best friends birthday so she agreed to sleep over although a bit hesitantly. She must have texted me 20 times last night - but she said she was having fun... so that is all that matters.

Since the bigger two were gone, I shipped Lu, my baby, off to grandma's. She loves her grandma and loves to "hang out" with her. They are a match made in heaven whose favorite activities include marathon TV watching and eating ice cream and munchies all night long.

You know that saying be careful what you wish for? Well I am always wishing for peace and quiet - and now that I have it, I am not so sure I like it! To make myself feel better, I think I will go clean their rooms while they aren't here to object.


MaryRC said...

my boy was scouting too. im glad you got some extra sleep.. i relish my quiet time. it goes way too fast though

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