Thursday, November 19, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Curtain Call

I have been living in my house exactly two months. I still have boxes to sort through and rooms to organize and windows to cover. Ahh, yes the WINDOWS. 40 that need some kind of window treatment... my mom and I made all the curtains for my last house and the plan was to do the same here. But this house is different. It requires so much more. I don't know if I am up to it. Monday my mom and I went to the fabric store - it is a closeout store where all the fabrics are 60 - 70% off - but they were all high end fabric to begin with - like Waverly - so the prices start at $12.99 per yard - which isn't bad if you are making a pillow but when making curtains for 40 five-foot-tall windows, it adds up. We left the fabric store and headed to another favorite closeout store that happens to have a huge selection of curtains. We did very well there and managed to get curtains for all the bedrooms and bathroom windows. Now the trick is getting them up. Plaster walls = no curtain rods. Ornate moldings = no curtain rods. So I am working on getting all the windows dressed - hope the neighbors don't mind a few more days of looking at me getting dressed!


Beth P. said...

I'm glad you found some curtains!
I've been living in my current house and the only two rooms that have window treatments are my son's room and his play room. :-(
I've searched and searched for curtains but I'm too picky. So, I asked for a seweing machine this Christmas because my New Years resolution is to make my own. I just need to find fabric I like!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Yea for curtains! I still haven't gotten them up in a couple of my rooms....after 4 years. That is a little embarrassing to admit:)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

hmmm, now that could be curtains...lights on or off??

Flory said...

My husband and I renovated our kitchen, started back in March - still no window treatments. I just don't know what to go with.

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