Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: A shopping we will go...

Did a little more Christmas shopping yesterday. I know some of you want to smack me. I am trying to get a little done at a time so I don't want to hang myself from a tree as the December calendar climbs into the 20's. Trust me I am not one of "those" that has my shopping done and wrapped by August. I mean, I have OCD but that requires medical attention. In August I am dreading school and winter and enjoying the last lazy afternoons by the pool...and seriously I hope Santa is doing the same right about then too. Since the Christmas folder has come out and the baking supply pantry is beginning to get stocked...then the sh*% is on. Hate the game. Not the player (or "play-a")ok? OK.

So Cowgirl and I headed to the mall armed with coupons and store "cash". Although again, I am still in my content mood and Christmas music was playing...stupid crap still happened. I had a coupon for Macy's. I like Macy's. (well the one in this mall anyway). I like what they sell, I have been shopping there forever. But their coupons make me nuts. I had a $10 off $25 or more of sale or clearance items. Ok. So can't buy anything that is NOT on sale or clearance. Fine. Then, I glance over the small print paragraph on the coupon stating what I CAN'T use the coupon for. (pretty much anything that I would want)Fine again. Coupons are my new obsession and I AM using that coupon. I go buy DH (darling husband) the $40 dress shirts that he wants that are on sale that morning for $9.99. I buy 5 of those and another Christmas-for-him-and-I-can't-say-what-it-is-cause-he-reads-my-blog-gift. I hand over coupon. No deal. It's not good on "Morning Sale" items. Really? grr. I did end up using it on another person's-who-reads-my-blog-gift.

So off we go to Abercrombie and then Hollister. I have gift cards Junior still hasn't used yet so I will get some stuff there for him, technically for free. I like free better than coupons. So I enter the Cave. It's dark in there. I have been using the magnifying glasses at home but have not worn them out in public just yet. But it's DARK IN THERE! Small print on price tags is one thing but small print in the dark is just wrong. But, I muddled on. There's plenty to spend plenty of money on in the dark. But really? Those stores are for the stick figured surfer types. My boy is more the Bouncer at the Bar type. He is a big strapping boy. The XXL there is just silly. Thankfully he really couldn't care less about the name across the front of his sweatshirt so no great loss for him. So he got boxers and Mike got the shirt with the name across the chest. (unfortunately for me, he digs the "names" so I am going to be in trouble. I am saving Juniors old name brand stuff for Mike hoping one day they will be vintage!!)

Not only is it dark in there it is LOUD. I know "if it's too loud you are too old". No. I like loud music, when I am dancing, cleaning or driving alone in my car. But so loud in a store that I can't hear what the kid behind the register is saying to me is so stupid. I would love to know what the marketing strategy behind that is. "If we play the music really loud people won't mind paying $89 for a sweatshirt that looks like someone has been wearing it for 10 years prior"?

The girl at one register actually said to me "Have you gotten preppy yet with our Emerson perfume?" "What?" I said. I know she just didn't just ask me if I had "gotten preppy". I must be going deaf from the (bad) loud music. She repeated herself. She did say that. I said "Really?" She rolled her eyes. If I hadn't thought it was so funny I would have reached across the counter and smacked her upside her preppy head so her eyes stayed that way 'til quittin' time. But I just laughed. Cowgirl said I was nuts and she didn't say that. But she did. I'm thinking Cowgirl was probably jealous the skinny bitch didn't think she might have wanted to get preppy.
Again...hate the game not the play-a.

This is just the beginning of Christmas shopping. I may bring my camera on Black Friday and take pictures of the shopping experience. You think a looong line of tired cranky shoppers will mind having their pictures taken? Would I live to post them to the blog? Maybe.


Beth P. said...

I started shopping this past weekend armed with tons of coupons and made out like a bandit. Sometiems they're great, sometimes coupons are be bane of my existance. So many silly requirements make them a pain sometimes! I'm sorry yours wouldn't work for what you wanted them to, but I'm glad you got to use them on something!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thanks for the follow and I got you back. You SHOULD bring your camera. I do all mine on line. You couldn't pay me to go to a store after Thanksgiving!!

Mrs.Espo said...

Holy Moly I hate those stores! They are soooo dark and smelly! REALLY I can't walk by I will get a headache smelly! YUCK! Just stopping by from SITS to say hi! Hope you have a good Wednesday!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Yes, the fun has begun! I am not as prepared as I want to be. My kids have been really bad helping me with ideas this year and still no Santa list. But I have to have a coupon for as much as possible:)

I would love to see pictures of Black Friday craziness.

Lani said...

Oh wow, "gotten preppy"? And she rolled her eyes at YOU? Oh man. Can't wait for the eye-rolling age with my kids:)
Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!

WhisperingWriter said...

Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest.

Gotten preppy?? What in the WORLD?

I cannot go into Abercrombie. Just walking past the store gives me a headache. And there's always a weird smell wafting out...

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