Saturday, November 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Nothing

There is nothing on my calender today. NOTHING. It is empty. No Dance. No Parties, No sports to go to or parents to visit. NOTHING. Hubby asked me this morning what am I doing today. What's on the schedule? NOTHING I told him. NOTHING? Yes, NOTHING. Are you sure he asked me? Yes, would you like to check?

So what am I going to do today since I don't have anything scheduled? I will start with the Laundry, quite a bit is piled up. While the laundry is going, I will head up to boys room and change his bed and see what state his room is in - I rarely go in there. I will tidy up Lu and Mae's room. Then I will unpack a few boxes. Still have quite few to go. I might even clean my closet - let's see what the day brings. I will figure out what's for dinner. I am just so thrilled that there is nowhere to go and nothing that has to to be done. What a great feeling! Happy Saturday!


Bethany said...

Oh that's awesome- same over here, actually and it's been nice :) Hope you enjoyed your day!

Corrie Howe said...

My "nothing" evenings and weekend start soon! All three kids soccer season ended with losses (oh, darn!). Just the wrap up parties and stuff.

MaryRC said...

still kinda sounds like a whole lotta nothing LOL

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