Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Random Thoughts

Tuesdays seem to be my days for my random thoughts so here we go again!
  • I need to buy 40 automatic candles for the 40 windows in my house (excluding the 8 basement windows) plus two double A batteries for each candle... Do I really need a candle in every window?
  • Do I need to decorate for Thanksgiving or can I just skip straight to Christmas.
  • All the stores are now playing Christmas music - which I am not happy about - I really prefer Christmas music to start Thanksgiving Day -though I did hear my one of my favorite Christmas songs by the waitresses yesterday in Kohls and I did buy the Kohl's Christmas CD with all the country music stars 'cause I do love that cowboy music!
  • Still don't know if my sister is coming for Thanksgiving - she hasn't decided yet (!) I think she is waiting for a better offer.
  • My daughter's second grade teacher is high maintenance
  • My dogs are high maintenance
  • I am low maintenance
  • If you currently are not a texter - I highly recommend it - it cuts out all those unnecessary phone conversations.
  • I love Cake Boss - but I want to know what those cakes COST
  • Why am I a girl scout leader?
  • I have not taken any more pictures in the 52 challenge besides the first one - I am now down by two - I think it is because I really don't enjoy having my picture taken
  • The next door neighbors came over with a loaf of banana bread last night and introduced themselves - and I can't remember their names!
  • My headlights on my minivan are on the blink - literally - they kept turning on and off last night - very scary - so will the repair bill I bet!
  • Off to the Christmas Tree Shop today with the girls to kick off the season ... Fa La La
  • Kids are off Wednesday for Veterans Day - thanks to our veterans and their families.
  • Have a great day - try and do something just for you today.
Cara two cents... To #'s 1 & 2...uh are you new? Yes and yes. Go get your cheap batteries from Pathmark and buy a turkey or two for crying out loud at the Christmas tree shop. Seriously. To #7 I agree. #10 Because you want to be an old crusty leader one day too. #11 yeah what's up with that it was YOUR idea!!!! #13 Let's ditch the Farkle Family Vans and buy matching convertible BMWs!!!


Corrie Howe said...

I'm a Christmas decorating scrooge. Fortunately my husband goes all out, the day after Thanksgiving. The kids and he dig out the decorations and work away. And after Christmas, they put it all away.

What makes the teacher high maintenance?

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

I'm with you...Christmas music should start on Thanksgiving! We are waiting to decorate after Thanksgiving...but I won't be decorating for Thanksgiving. I gotta pick and choose my battles.


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