Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Original post date 4/27/09....a little insight to why we call where we live "Mayberry"...

I live in Mayberry. Not with Aunt B, Andy and Opie, but my small town has been referred to in a national magazine as Mayberry. We have a quaint “town” with eateries, small shops, hair & nail salons. Now we also have a lot of “For Lease” signs due to the economy. With a graduating class of about 300 everybody pretty much knows everybody. Especially since a large percent of our population are “townies”. Townies are people who grew up here and now live and raise their families here. Not only do townies know everyone but they know everyone’s back stories which can be very interesting if you know what I mean.

Now not everyday is it wonderful to live in Mayberry. And there’s many a post to write on that angle. But yesterday it was a great day to live down the road from Aunt B. (I am sure there is one somewhere in this town...)It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and after a very gray chilly start to spring we deserved it. It was also opening day of Little League and the parade. Now I know I complained about (un)organized sports before. Lining up for the parade was nothing short of pandemonium. It was Mike’s first one and he was nothing short of thrilled. Dad not so much, ‘cause it was hot and we had already did the lacrosse game that morning but he smiled through it. We parked a car at the field early in the morning then I dropped the marchers off at the beginning of the parade and walked (quite a distance) to take my place among my friends and fellow parents to wave to the parade.So we stood there and waved to all the players and coaches (and hoards of parents who I thought were not all supposed to walk in it??? Sorry I digress…this is a happy post). We complimented teams’ banners and clapped for them. We hooped and hollered when our teams went by much to the delight of our players.

We followed the parade to the field for opening day ceremonies.I stood with my friends who had little leaguers there of their own. We commiserated about the heat, and having to spend the whole day at the field since we still had to come back later for games. But when the National Anthem started to play and everyone stood with their hand on their heart from Dads to little siblings running around the dugout trying to keep themselves occupied it was a good day to live in Mayberry, and see a field full of excited, healthy kids lucky enough that their parents are able to have them involved in good things like this. That it was a beautiful sunny warm day and they were excited and safe and proud to sing their country’s song. To look over at one of my favorite Dads as he watched his tiny little girl with her hand over her heart recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and see how content he seemed and how much he just loved her.

I realized how lucky I am too.And although I complain sometimes. I am happy to live in Mayberry. A place where probably more people then I would like know my business, where I can’t go to the supermarket in my sweats and little makeup without running into someone from PTA who wants to chat, where the same people are at the same meetings saying the same things.

But it’s the same place that I can walk to the beach in a few minutes, know my kids are going to be safe when I leave them at school, and if for some reason they need me and I can’t get there right away someone will take care of them for me ‘til I do. A place where people know me. A place that’s home and has been since the day I moved here to raise my family almost 15 years ago. It’s Mayberry and sometimes it’s a pain but it’s home and yesterday it couldn’t be a better place to live.

Jenn's two cents: I have lived in lots of places, and I have never felt a sense of community like I do here in our Mayberry. My husband was born and grew up in this town so he is a "townie" that left and returned after 15 years bringing a wife and children with him. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. People know your name. The girl at the local luncheonette knows I drink tea and brings it before I can ask. My husband went to school with many of the parents of my kids friends. It is a nice sense of familiarity. I am sure there are other towns like ours across America - but I am glad I am here, living in Mayberry.


Melissa B. said...

When we first looked at the house we now live in, all I could think of was "Mayberry." Cute little houses, a short walk to town, and the elementary school one block up the street. We've lived here 16 years now, and couldn't be happier...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

Seagull Sunrise

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