Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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This is going to be my last Christmas with Santa. Sad. My seven-year-old has mentioned three or four times that a boy on the bus or a girl on the bus has told her that Santa is not real and that it's your parents. I guess this is her way of letting me know that she knows. I, of course, am in full denial. I admitted it once to my oldest who was in fourth grade at the time, and he cried for days and carried on about what a liar I was. Since then I have adopted the don't ask don't tell policy or in this case if they ask, don't tell policy. The saddest thing is her brother and sister believed until 4th and 5th grade. Being the youngest, I guess you get world knowledge at an earlier age.

Yesterday was a snow day - yippee! Except all the packages I orderd over the last few weeks decided to come yesterday. When everyone was home. Playing outside in the snow. Rushing up to the UPS man to see what had come. Seeing all the boxes clearly marked - cause they all can read. So as they say, the jig is up - but as for me - I still believe in the magic of Christmas and the magic of Santa. How can someone who has the whole world in a tizzy in December not be real?

Cara's two cents: Oh I am sad about Lu. When you get over it, it will make things easier next year. Please tell Lu though to keep her new found info to herself and not share it with her partner in crime just yet, I am pretty sure this will be my last year hopefully I will make it the next two days!!!!


lemonologie said...

That's so sad! The idea of Santa gets ruined so early these days! Hope you enjoy it this year, though!

Thanks for the visit to my blog on my SITS day the other week!

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