Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: My kids

Well not my kids but the kids in my kids school, who are the kids of my heart.

Sam's Christmas concert was last night. A high school concert is really a different animal compared to the concerts in elementary school. Elementary school they are cute, learning, shy and adorable, in High School they are accomplished musicians. They are totally comfortable in their "musical" skin. It's such a pleasure to watch. And not just my kid. Who I must say had a solo in her chorus and did a fantastic job and I cried through the whole thing. (That's after I sat there waiting for her turn with a knot in my stomach, my heart pounding inside my head with heat rising from my neck...lovely.) But most of these kids I have known since kindergarten. Some of them I taught religion in 2nd grade. Some now sit all over my family room eating junk food and watching tv. And then they get up on that stage and jam out, sing on the top of their lungs or play their violin so fast it looks like smoke will start pouring out!

They make all the squeaky 4th grade practicing, money spent on private lessons, driving back and forth to rehearsal, sore throats cured with no talking and hot lemon water and broken strings on bows all worth while.

It all goes so unbelievably fast. So last night I tried to take it all in. I enjoyed every minute of it. Today her choir is singing at Radio City Music Hall before the Christmas Spectacular and the Rockettes. I am not sure I will be able to stand it. But I am pretty sure crying will be involved again.


Beth P. said...

What an accoplishment! Sounds like a wonderful group of performers, and how exciting to be singing on the stage at Radio City!

Rosanne said...

Break a Leg, Diva!!! and try to keep it together Mama.

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