Thursday, December 31, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Happy New Year

Tonight marks the end of a decade. The 00's - doesn't sound as catchy as the 80's or 90's does it? My friends and I love 80's music - will our kids love 00 music? Just doesn't have the ring to it. Now we are heading off into the 10's - look out here we come.

We all make the same promises this kind of year. Less cookies - more me time - more family time, more gym time. I don't know how much of it really sticks. Each year I think I will be healthier, exercise more & get in better shape. Each year, I generally succeed - I have given up junk food more or less, my weight is generally the same. I save the cookies and cakes for the holidays. I rarely eat ice cream anymore. But I don't deny myself much - moderation is a good thing.

Mae asked me yesterday what my resolution was this year and I answered Simplify - that is my New Year's goal. Simplify my life, my commitments, my time. More me time, more family time, live more simply. Spend more time having fun with my kids and less time yelling at them to clean up. Spend more time enjoying my house and making it a home. Spend more time experimenting in the kitchen and finding new family favorite meals. Spend more time listening to my kids. More time reading good books. Making more time to live simply - that is my goal this year.


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