Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Oh Baby!

Yesterday I went to Babies R Us to buy a shower gift. I haven't been there in quite awhile. When I had my first two babies there was no BRU (Babies R Us). There were no baby registries. There weren't even Exersaucers. Then I had Mike. There were seven years between him and Jr. It might as well have been 700 years. Everything was different. Everything was new. Luckily friends and family threw a few showers (i know lucky!!) so I could have all the cool updated stuff like stuff Exersaucers and bottle warmers. (How did I live before without them?)

For a long time I would kid that if I walked near a BRU I would get a rash. I was so done with diapers and the like. So I figured I would walk into there yesterday, print out the registry, get what I wanted and be done. Funny thing though. No rash.

Instead I was first overtaken by the "baby smell". You know when they just have had a bath and are all clean and lotioned and powdered. Mmmm. So I started to browse. OMG!!! What stuff they have now. Seriously.

Take that tub pictured above for example. Actually it's not a tub it's an "Infant Soothing Spa and Shower"!!!!!!! Little bubbles with that Lavender baby wash and you have baby bliss. On the registry was "chlorine free" baby wipes. Chlorine free? You mean I was wiping my babies butts with chlorine all those years??? Yikes! Who knew?

This is a high chair. I saw it and for a minute I had no idea what it was. Apparently its ergonomically correct. Uh, ok.

The baby bedding is nothing short of fabulous. For fun I looked to see what I would pick if I was having a girl. I could not decide. Some of it is even organic if you should so choose. Uh, ok again. They have $1000+ strollers. I was just happy to have a stroller with wheels that all went in the same direction. Leather Gliders. Leather! (I never wanted one because what was I supposed to do with a chair with duckies on it after I was done using it in the baby's room?) Cloth diapers with liners that you can compost if you should choose.

I could go on an on. It's amazing what there is to buy. So I ended up staying there for quite awhile just browsing. I did not intend on doing that. The baby clothes alone are enough to keep you there perusing for a long time.

So while the allure of baby lotion scents and to die for cribs is nice, it's not enough to make me want one more. Like someone once said to me "you know when you still have one more baby in you". And I can say with the utmost confidence that I do not. But it was nice to walk around and remember. Remember and make notes about what I will do when I throw a baby shower for my daughter one day, can't have a day with out OCD.

It was fun. I like babies again. I can't wait until this one is born into our family. I want to hold her in that adorable little pink baby mummy thing I bought her while she smells like lavender lotion. Mmmm.


Beth P. said...

BRU can be addicting for a new mom! I love that saying about knowing if you have another one in you, that is great wisdom.

Patricia said...

I'd swear I have another one in me...I just don't know who is going to put it there and pay for the diapers...oh well, TG for the niece and her fruitful womb keeping me distracted.

Cara and Jenn said...

I think I am at a loss for words for the above comment. =:D

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