Monday, January 11, 2010

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I borrow this when my brain needs a jumpstart!

FOR TODAY, Monday January 11, 2010

Outside My Window...I am watching the sun come up. Even though I can feel how cold it is outside my kitchen window, my coffee’s brewing and it looks like it’s going to be a sunny day….

I am thinking...I have a whole week ahead of me to get things done around here

then I want to start some DYI stuff

that has been rattling around in my head

I am thankful for...a nice, easy night last night having a quiet dinner with a friend and then a chick flick that made us both lol...which she really needed

From the kitchen... today is fajitas. I am also thankful I went food shopping yesterday so I don’t have to go to the store today

I am wearing...comfy lavender flannel in the inside

satin on the outside cozy

right now maybe I can wear them all day…

I am creating...ideas in my head to spruce up my house

I am stay in again today and do some PTA stuff and home organizing

I am reading...The Help for book club and Moving On by Sara BanBreathnach

I am hoping...I get a lot accomplished today

I am little boy chattering at 6:30 am; ‘cause he is the first one dressed today..and he would really like Lucky Charms...and would I mind if he put on the tv?…and he will flatten my hair a little cause it’s puffy when I wake up and…..

(no I have not had coffee yet!! Ack!!!)

Around the house...I hear grumpy people moving around upstairs ‘cause no one ‘cept Shorty is happy to be up early, before the sun on a cold Monday morning

One of my favorite quiet mornings before everyone gets up…

so much for THAT today

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: a lot of staying in again…lots to do

Happy Monday!


Linda said...

Good morning, Coming to you by way of SITS. Love this post, a good read. Great way to start the week. have a good one.

MeghanM said...

Oh I LOVE quiet mornings before everyone gets up. My stinky 2 year old just got up and needs his diaper changed. Sigh.

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