Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Went to little E's 5th birthday "family cake" last night. Do you have family cake? You know, it's usually on the actual birth date with the family. Everyone comes over for snacks and cake. Adults sit in the living room chatting while kids run all over the house with their siblings and cousins. It's not THE party whereas friends come and it's usually at some super expensive "in" place that's the hot spot to have parties. It's just family cake.

Being a little girl sure is nice. You get all sorts of pretty clothes as gifts which you know will all fit because you are 40lbs soaking wet. You get dollies and pretty purses shaped like puppies.

You can sing and dance for the family in the middle of the living room and get applause like you just won American Idol! No one thinks you are weird or annoying if you sing "I Have Love In My Heart" at the top of your lungs You can because, well you do and you are so dam cute anyway.

You are the poster child for "Sing like nobody is listening and dance like no one is watching". If any of the adults in the room did any of your moves there would be a mad dash for the coats and cars would be screeching out of the driveway.

You can race all over the house til your face is red and your hair is a tangled curly mess on top of your head. You can hide your face when everyone sings happy birthday 'cause your a little shy and no one thinks you're a b#*&@ for not sitting there smiling while everyone stares at you. You do get to sit on your chair while numerous siblings and cousins wiggle and squeeze to get next to you so they can help you blow out your candles. No jokes about setting the house on fire with some many candles.

Sugar and spice and everything nice... I could just eat them up!


Amy said...

Being little certainly doesn't last long enough, does it?

Stopping by from SITS :)

MaryRC said...

birthday babies are best.. i consider 5 a baby still.

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