Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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  • I hate winter, snow and Ice ... that being said I am taking my kids skiing this week. Don't ask - it is something to do and not have them underfoot. I have enrolled them in ski school and I will bring a few good books. I bought a warm, waterproof pair of Uggs yesterday, a new down coat and am ready to brave the elements when I am not sitting in front of the fire.
  • I went to the outlets yesterday and being Presidents Day, I knew it would be crowded - but I was not expecting the lines of people standing outside the Coach store waiting to get in - I don't know what they were giving away, but I was not waiting on line in the freezing cold just so I could spend money!
  • I was a little skeptical of FaceBook and really only joined so I could keep up with whats going on - but I have reconnected with a few really good friends that I had lost track of - so now I am now liking FB a whole lot more. I don't get the people who friend request you that you don't know though - I have had a few friends of friends that I have never met friend request me - I think that is a little strange.
  • Have a great week off with the kids !


Melissa said...

I hate snow also, and am sick of seeing it. I'm addicted to some games on facebook.

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