Monday, February 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: V-Day thoughts

How was your Valentines' Day? Was it romantic? Did you dance on rose petals all day while eating chocolates? Yeah me neither. But it's really OK.

I can't remember the last time I had a "romantic" Valentine's Day. Probably not since the Diva was an infant, so that's like V-Day circa 1994. It's always been about us and the other Valentines that came along.

I don't remember when "Red Dinner" started, we have been doing it so long. Since Valentines Day mostly occurs during the week, when the daily mundane stuff of life; school, work etc. doesn't take a break, I would try to make it a little special. We have dinner consisting of mostly red things. Usually ravioli (red sauce), Heart shaped biscuits and Shirley Temples out of "fancy" glasses (red wine for older Valentines). Then we have red jello and heart shaped cake for dessert.

Somewhere along the line the head Valentine (that would be me) started doing a scavenger hunt of small gifts for the kids. Clues lead the hunters to various gifts...starting with maybe some candy and ending with something bigger or better. We started this back when there were only two "hunters", then moved up to two hunters lugging along a "not yet walking hunter". We have now moved on to two reluctant "fine we will do it for him" hunters and one off the wall "this is awesome" hunter.

This is probably the 11th Valentines Day we have done this and to be honest I was tired this morning and didn't really feel like coming up with witty rhyming clues and hiding stuff around the house. But I did it. Mike was thrilled and dragged his half asleep siblings all over reading clues aloud and handing out gifts. So I was glad of course that I did it.

I made red dinner. (even had some extra Valentines with us this year too) When I was in the store this morning getting some extra things I needed for this dinner I saw a guy at a register buying a bunch of flowers. I fantasized that his beloved was home, still sleeping on this cold winter morning. He would stop off and buy some coffee and croissants and surprise her with flowers and breakfast in bed. When I snapped out of it, I figured he almost forgot it was Valentines Day and thought he better show up with something and lame supermarket flowers were better than nothing.

I don't think I was longing to be like that fantasy girl still curled up in bed. Truth be told I am not all that thrilled with breakfast in bed. My kids always liked to do it for me when they were little for Mother's Day. I was more happy about the effort and the thoughtfulness rather than the cold coffee and crumbs in bed.

I like making red dinner. I appreciate my big Valentines going along with the corny scavenger hunt for their little brother. I always get a little something and a lovey dovey card or note from hubby. (and he from me...I always feel bad for the's like only women should get all the presents)

Someday it will be only he and I for Valentines Day. Our other Valentines will be too old for silly stuff and probably have shiny new Valentines of their own to dance on rose petals with. And maybe we will have a romantic candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant.

But for now I will take the lopsided heart shaped cake. The hand made Valentines gifts covered with glitter and glue. I will make up corny rhymes and hide gifts in the oven. Love is big. Love means many things. For some it may mean diamonds and heart shaped boxes of candy. But right now for me it means making memories and being with my loves.


Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughts; lovely daughter! And lovely tablescape with new white dishes!

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