Sunday, February 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Sunday Grateful

1. Not too old for a pajama party
2. Girlie movies
3. Napping with a cat tuck behind your knees
4. A freezing cold day spent home in pajamas all day
5. Productive week and being all caught up by the weekend
6. Christmas presents in February
7. Cousins by heart
8. Matt's fajitas
9. Valentines day this week
10. Sunshine streaming through my bedroom window even though I know it's COLD out there

Jenn: Sorry, late posting again but was having technical difficulties today. I had a whole list planned for today but then I heard some sad news and decided to change my grateful list to a grateful story.

When my family and I moved to our town and joined our church, we knew no one. We would go to church every week and there was always one usher there, Francis, who was really kind to us. He made it a point to welcome us every Sunday, to learn my children's names, to pick us to bring up the communion gifts, he made us feel welcome. That was 9 years ago. Today I learned that Francis passed away on Friday. So I am grateful for Francis. Grateful that I got to know him. Grateful that God put him in my path. Francis didn't have children or grandchildren. He would talk about his nieces and nephews. I would run into him at the grocery store and he would be returning cans - he would take the money and donate it to the church. Francis was a good guy. A kind man. We invited him over a few times for dinner or holidays but he always said he had plans with others from the church or his nieces or nephews. I hope Francis is at peace. That he is with God who he so tirelessly served for 30 years in the church. That he knows how many people he touched. That he created a life that was worthwhile and that he will be missed. God bless you Francis - I am grateful I knew you.


mama-face said...

I'm seeing a lot of grateful posts today. I must turn that part of my brain on. Great list; it's the little things that count, really. (And a reminder that Valentine's Day is this week. Where has the time gone!!)

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