Monday, February 8, 2010

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Monday…we all woke up late…I am slacking this morning and when that happens I do this:

FOR TODAY Monday February 8, 2010

Outside My’s sunny and still. The calm before the storm ‘cause the snow is coming tomorrow….

I am thinking...we all got up late today…I hope that’s not the way the whole day is going to go…

I am thankful for...finally doing Christmas with our Bff’s over dinner and the Superbowl

From the kitchen... tonight is Hawaiian Spareribs…got to make an alternate plan for myself since I am trying to cut back on the sugar intake

I am wearing...a black thermal, and leopard pj bottoms…

I would love to be able to wear

them out today and be comfy

I am creating...a plan to redo my foyer

I am be home today to clean and then double header PTA tonight meetings tonight

I am reading...The Piano Teacher for book club if I can get ever get it in my hands

I am get motivated today but getting up late is not a good start.

I am hearing…Diva talk about her friend’s college woes…hubby hurrying around upstairs (late too)

Around the messy since I was out most of yesterday afternoon and then out late last night and the troops left a wake in their path…grrr

One of my favorite things…is greek salad which I will have a lot of this week after falling off the wagon this weekend!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: nothing too exciting…get ready for a possible snow day…doing my usual thing!

Happy Monday!


mama-face said...

This is a great idea; one I plan on 'stealing'. :)
You can see from the traffic feed that I was checking out the simple woman site. haha.

I think anyone who has dinner planned in the morning already is super human. I usually wait until 5 p.m. I know I should try harder but it is just seems to be an impossible task for me. So, good for you! You even have the greek salad planned. Wow. :)

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