Monday, March 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Lights Out!

Yesterday we lost power due to the "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!" like storm we had here. We have never lost power since we have lived here. We lost it about 3pm when it was still light. But Mike had a friend here and they were happily playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii and bam! Nothing.

I got a little panicked for a moment thinking "what am I supposed to do with these two now?" We couldn't go outside or anywhere for that matter it was that bad out. But much to my surprise and delight they didn't skip a beat. I suggested coloring before it got dark, to which I was given 20 reasons why they aren't babies anymore. (really? coloring is babyish? I still love to color) They were off down in the pitch dark basement to play Star Wars laser swords. They were having quite a ball at it I must say. Then they just went from one thing to another not really caring that they couldn't be parked in front of a screen. That made me happy. I always wonder if they can exist without the electronics and video games.

I gathered candles and flashlights as it started to get darker. I figured we would have family game night by candlelight, that would be fun. I remember when the power went out when I was a kid and we got to walk around with candles in the dark. I thought that was fun. My plans for dinner were not happening since my oven and stove are electric. Hubby called and said he would bring home Chinese on the way home from work.

But then just as I was in full plan mode for a night in the dark...the power came back on. Now, I know it's a HUGE pain for the power to be out for a long time. I didn't want that. But I must admit I was looking forward to it being off that night. We would have found a way to keep ourselves occupied together and Mike would have gotten to walk around with a candle. But the lights came back on, the clocks came back to life and the Wii fired up. And little boys were once again glued to the screen, back to fighting the Evil Empire.

It was a little exciting for them that the power went out. They did think it was fun and a little scary to play in the dark in the basement for awhile. It just wasn't as much fun for me...oh well at least I got out of cooking right?


Icy BC said...

I know the feeling! Sometimes, I am just looking for that forceful opportunity to do something different for a while..

Glad the electric came back though or else how can we blog :-)

Lisa Kennedy said...

That's funny-- I could see myself feeling that way too. We only had a flicker here but my sons were in full force. Bringing in wood for the fire, setting up candles and flashlights it was hustle hustle and then nope-- never went out.
The wind almost ripped off my screen door though~

Anonymous said...

LOVE little boys just being LITTLE BOYS...not a care in the world, just lovin' life! And I'll bet that they will remember the "real" lightsaber battle in the dark basement even longer than the Wii battles! PS. You're a good mommy :)KP

msprimadonna67 said...

Our power went out last summer, and we sat around the living room and played Mad Libs by candle light for a couple of hours. My eleven year old still tells me every once in awhile that she hopes for power outages so that we can do that again!

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