Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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I borrow this when my brain needs a jumpstart!

FOR TODAY Wednesday March 3, 2010

( I actually wrote this last night....)

Outside My Window...

I can see my neighbors blue lights on their house; now why after siding the house a great color and doing all lovely curb appeal stuff would you put up blue lights? I have no clue..but I'm glad they don't read my

I am thinking

PTA gives me a pain where I sit. As I have backed away from it all a little this year it grates on my nerves even more...

I am thankful for

laptops that I can use while I sit in bed...

From the kitchen

I still smell onions wafting throughout the house from the French onion soup I made for dinner...smelled yummy at 6pm now it's making me nauseous

I am wearing

comfy lavender flannel in the inside satin on the outside pjs...

the same thing I was wearing the last time I wrote this...

hmm maybe it's the pj's that make my blogging brain stall?

I am creating

with my hubby's help a new coffee table for my family room...

I am going

to watch American Idol that I DVR'd while at a meeting before...

I am reading

Moving On by Sara BanBreathnach still...

I am hoping

the snow doesn't mess up the whole week again...

I am hearing

TV's on in 3 different kids' rooms...I know TV's in the bedroom are a no-no but our dirty secret is we all have one in our bedrooms. Shhh...don't tell anyone!

Around the house

I need to do the rest of my cleaning, finish my painting project, get ready for the Diva's birthday weekend

One of my favorite things

is kisses from Mike even though it's late and he should already be in bed but he keeps coming in for "one last kiss"...

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

birthday shopping, readying for the weekend, company, birthday cake(s), cooking......

Happy Hump Day!


JoeyRes said...

It's March - the snow wouldn't dare mess up a whole week, would it?

I'm also laptopping in bed while daughter watches morning tv. One of the many reasons I love a laptop!

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