Thursday, March 4, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Sound Off!

Okay enough with the corruption, the fighting, the accusing, the trash-talking, the b.s. of politics. I have had it! I am tired of reading about the health care plan - put-up or shut-up. Scale back your 2700 page proposal. In fact, use it as fire starter and ask the PEOPLE what they want. Right now the polls are showing the PEOPLE aren't so interested in changing the health care system. Everyone agrees, all tax-paying, law-abiding, citizens are entitled to some form of affordable health care. But we have bigger problems. Let's talk about the Governor of NY trying to cover-up a domestic abuse case for one of his aids. Are you kidding me? Did you learn nothing from Client 9? Or what about the senator caught cheating on his wife or taxes or not picking up his pups poop? If you choose to go into politics - and yes it is a choice - don't expect to get away with anything. We the PEOPLE are watching, waiting, listening and I think we are all getting tired of hearing about all these politicians getting caught with their pants down or their hand in the cookie jar or whatever the latest scandal is. Does becoming a politician automatically give one a sense of entitlement - the I can do it because I am a big muckety-muck syndrome? I just don't get it. I have no desire to be President - or Secretary of State or even a local board member. I applaud those who step up and become public servants - but lately I have been thinking for what purpose? What drives an individual to seek public office knowing that most of the good will go unnoticed and all of the bad will end up splashed across the countries papers? I think many of these politicians these days are frustrated Rock Stars - they can't sing so they need another way to become famous - light bulb moment - become a politician.

Cara's two cents: And they say I'M cranky....


MaryRC said...

politics scare me. mostly because of the person i become. ive worked with many a high dignitary and they're always pleasant and nice, then when the shoot is over, some scandal comes out. im easily fooled by the nice factor.

Rebecca D said...

I agree... I think we need to be informed and stay informed, but where did a lot of these yahoos come from... were the used car lots all fully staffed?

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