Monday, April 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Who took my time?

I thought we are all supposed to get 24 hours in a day? Subtract 7 (if you're lucky) for sleep so if my math is right that leaves 17 left to get stuff done. Well someone shorted me. 17 hours should be enough time to get what's on my list done, it is apparent that I don't get the allotted 24. 

I start every day with a "to do" list.  EVERY day. If there's not a list on my kitchen counter then I have been abducted and please notify the proper authorities. I have written about my love for list making and post-it's before. Usually I have a week's list worth of to-do's. This allows me to move a "to-do" to tomorrow if it didn't get done today. (got that?)

I am pretty organized. (folders remember?) I should be able to get my sh@# done. So why isn't it all done? Are my lists too ambitious?  Do I nod off during the day and don't realize it?

Seems like I say "As soon at the ______(fill in the blank... vacation, party, school function etc.) is over I can focus on "________"(fill in the blank again). Maybe not "being" in the moment is messing me up. I am looking at the big picture instead of focusing on what I need to do at that given time and getting it done. As much as I can't live without my lists, they sometimes can work against me. Those things left uncrossed out taunt me as if to say "You didn't finish this!!" But how sweet it is to cross things off!

Perhaps I need to go about my lists a different way. Either that or I need to talk to someone about getting a few more hours in my day.


Stephanie Faris said...

How many of us do that? I think we all do...we wait for things to calm down but they never do. I guess we need to find a way to stay on top of it all but that's easier said than done!

Anonymous said...
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