Friday, April 30, 2010

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On Wednesday my post was "Be a Man". This inspired my favorite man to write his own post. I knew he was secretly dying to be a Guest Blogger. The nice parts of my post were most definitely inspired by him. So without further ado I give you today's Guest Blogger fondly referred to within as TP or Hubby.....

No one can truly prepare a boy/girl for the challenges that face him or her in the journey of life. You can’t be taught all that is required, as you are faced with obstacles unforeseen in your youth or for that matter, by the mentors before you. Today’s world is not the one that our mentors traversed in their journey, yet it also can sometimes be very similar.

Simple core values guide us as we look to make the decisions that will impact our future as well as those coming up behind us. Here are some core values that I believe have made my path more often than not the right one:

Unselfishness – Doing right by others before yourself, not for the glory but because it is right

Politeness     There is a difference between a man and a woman and you need to treat each differently

Loyalty         As long as it is not at the expense of others. Support the people who are family and friends

Kindness        You always get more with sugar…a smile usually gets you what you want.
Laughter         Always enjoy what you are doing and those around you.

Teach             If you see an opportunity where some experience can help, tactfully impart knowledge.

Strive             It is okay to lose; it is not okay to participate halfheartedly

Mimic            Follow the example of those before you, who have performed successfully.

This is just a short list of what I learned from my parents. I recently had an opportunity to tell my dad that I didn’t give him enough credit as a dad when I was growing up. I told him that it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, and I appreciate all that he did for us. Perhaps we should all add thankfulness as a core value as well.


Cherie said...


I knew you were a great guy and a great second hubby but I didn't realise you had so much wisdom!!!:) Well said- I couldn't agree with those values more!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said TP!! I am going to share your blog post w/ RP in honor of Gentlemen's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Well said and part of why you have great kids!

Rosanne said...

Very well said and from my observations you adhere to your "core values" which is yet another example of "being a man" and is not always easy. Well done.

Anonymous said...

If he looks as good as he writes you better keep him wrapped up....

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