Friday, April 9, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Friday Farrago

Today I am off to the "Dressy Dress Store" with 30 High School Senior girls. Got wine? (not for them for ME silly!) Next week is the HS Fashion Show and in a moment of madness I volunteered to take on the big group. So, me and thirty 17-18 year olds get to go shopping for dresses they will model in front of Mayberry next Friday night. Yeah, sounds like fun huh? I plan on meeting friends for drinks tonight if I come out of this alive. 
It's Me vs. Them and 7000 dress choices. 
I'd put your money on me....

It's Friday again...time to visit some new blogs and find some new blogger buddies....


Anonymous said...

The woman is MAD, I tell you! LoL!

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