Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: I need Alice

I need a week off from my kids, my house and my life.  I am feeling a little burnt out.  Lu's communion is this weekend and I am stressing big time.  My oven has decided to go awol - I am cooking for 30 people.  My kids do not pick up after themselves and all the cleaning I have been doing over the last week was pretty much pointless.  The dogs keep leaving messes in the house for some reason - this is new.  My brand new beautiful dining room carpet had a wet spot - so I assuming one of the dogs decided to christen it. Not happy about that.  

I always stress before having people over.  I know that it always works out in the end but somehow that knowledge doesn't translate until the party is over.  When I know everyone had a good time, when I know the food was good and my house was clean.  When I know I can sit back and relax, after everyone has gone home, then my stress dissipates. I wish I could be a more relaxed person. That I could not get so upset about messy rooms or toys left around.  I know this is only temporary and there might be times later in life when I wish someone was around to make a mess. 

The other day Mae was telling me about her science teacher.  Her teacher always say "Here's the story..." and then proceeds on.  So I told Mae next time she said that sing "of a lovely lady" and I explained the Brady Bunch to her.  I am going to have to find it on reruns for her so she gets it.  I started thinking about Carol and Mike and of course Alice.  Carol and Mike didn't stress much - but of course they had Alice to do the cooking and cleaning - I need an Alice!  

Cara's two cents: How funny is it not more that 5 minutes ago when I said look at the mess on these floors I have to scrub them again...TP said "you better get on that Alice"(not funny btw)...then I sign on to see Alice looking at me. Maybe that's a sign she will actually show up today and get to work! Then she can serve us all dinner and go sit in the kitchen while we eat! lol 
(you can use my ovens if you need to!!)


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