Monday, April 26, 2010

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Sometimes that's what I feel like...Sponge-Mom. (No relation to the burger flipping square pineapple inhabitant, thanks.)

My kids are good for having something that is bothering them and holding it in all day. Then when it's bedtime they suddenly feel the need to spill their guts. I often wonder why that is. I think maybe for the little one it's a safe feeling time. Mom comes in to make sure you are tucked in snug as a bug and then you feel the need to vent. Or for the bigger kids where it's run, run, run all day, most days...when Mom's in bed she is a captive audience,  and maybe sitting at the foot of her bed is like lying on the psychiatrist's couch.

So they vent, sometimes cry or get loud if they are mad at someone or something. We talk. I advise. I listen. I help sometimes devise a plan. I will do pretty much anything to get them to feel better. And most times I do. I will go back to their room and find them out cold asleep, with a peaceful look on their face. Then I will go to bed, back to minding my business of getting to sleep since an hour or so before I was dead tired. 

Back to bed only to find myself wide awake staring at the ceiling. They feel better but all that conflict and pain they were in, drained from them into me. I feel like a sponge that sopped up all the icky stuff off of them. So then at that point, I want to go punch some adult or make a voodoo doll of some rotten mean kid.

Crappy thing is this will stay with me for probably a day or two. Meanwhile their problem will have been solved, gone away or been forgotten, leaving me with pins and dolls and no use for them.

It's hard to be objective when your kid is having a hard time. It's hard to let them take their lumps and not solve all their problems. You can't and probably shouldn't.

Some days it awesome to be someone's mom. Some days it's draining. Some weeks days I need a mom hiatus. I don't have a full time job huh? I doubt anyone's employers are sitting at the foot their beds at 10 p.m. ready to begin a "meeting".

Jenn's two cents:  I think we need a momcation - no kids, no hubbies, no cell phones, nothing but margharitas on the beach!


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