Friday, May 21, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Freaky Friday II

I know another Freaky Friday. Last week it was prom, this week it's communion. The sheer fact that I have these two momentous occasions at the same time is freaky enough, never mind within a week. I am writing this on Thursday night since tomorrow is well, another Freaky Friday.

Nevertheless, cooked for 12 (yes 12) hours today with MIL and Mother. The day went along very smoothly. We all work well together. Probably helps that we have been doing parties together for about 19 kinda get it all figured out.

I think my attractive twitch may be almost gone. Comes back now and again when I feel a stress surge coming on. Looks like it will be a great weekend and I am sure everything will come together. Things may not all go according to my master plan (oh and I have one...have you seen my FOLDER???) but no one will notice but me and I will just have to scream inside my head let it go. 

I am looking forward to Mike's Communion Day. He is excited too. I am not going to panic because we have the FIRST PEW FRONT AND CENTER! I am planning on stapling his halo to his head so it's on straight. I would also like to crazy glue his hands in prayer but then he couldn't receive Communion.

I am planning on enjoying the day. Really.


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