Monday, May 24, 2010

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I did enjoy my little one's Communion on Saturday. He was handsome in his suit. He was as close to perfectly behaved as a 7 year old boy can be. I don't usually refer to my children as perfect but I must say I was very proud of him. He was so excited to receive Communion and the fact that he was the FIRST one in the church to receive that day made it even better. (still competitive even when trying like heck to be holy!) 

We had our party at home without the DJ, magicians, prizes etc. that sometimes come with Communion parties. I am not against them, really I'm not. I have had one or the other at the other Communion parties I have thrown. This time we opted for home. Pool was open, kids played wiffle ball and manhunt and lacrosse. Food was all homemade. Everyone ate like kings. We played CD's (burned by my partner in crime here, even though she was up to her ass in Don Quixote all week) and kids' entertained us with karaoke (another pal brought hers over for us to use!) It was an extreme amount of work and preparation, causing me angst and sweat (not to mention an eye twitch). Would I do it again? You bet. And I will. Probably again and again.  

When a little boy says as you tuck him in..."this was one of the best days of my life...thanks Mom"... well what would you do? I know he gets the reason for the celebration and it means a lot to him. And reminds me it doesn't have to be the "end all - be all" celebration with all the bells and whistles. (and believe me I LOVE the bells and whistles) He could feel the love. 

An adorable wise woman once said "In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love." (~Mother Teresa) I think in this life those are the things we remember most. 

At then end of the party we got sad news that Uncle Sal had passed away. And just like that celebration and joy turn to tears and sadness. That is life. This day will always be the day Jesus invited Michael to his table and the day he called Uncle Sal home.  It all makes me realize how important these celebrations are. Some people think all the fuss is silly. I never do. I may complain (a bit) and question my sanity leading up to the day, but when it's done I never regret it. We all get caught up in the day to day. We need these times to come together and reconnect with our family and friends. We need to celebrate the milestones. We need to make memories and remember whens to reminisce and laugh about in the years to come. 

So even though this weekend was a roller coaster of emotions, in the end I'm happy. I am happy my little boy had an awesome day. I am happy that Uncle Sal passed as I know in my heart, the way he wanted to. He went to work, came home, made his dinner, washed his plate, sat on his couch and passed away. I know he is with his beloved wife that he lost too soon so many years ago. Sad for us but happy for him now. And...well that's life.


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