Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Kids come first

I am pinch hitting for Cara today.  She is busy getting ready for MP's communion plus her MIL and her parents are in town - I am sure she is twitching now! 

The good news is the budget passed!  That is great news for our town and our kids.  Our kids come first.  That is what passing the budget is about. 

I had plans for Friday night - it's Bunco night.  I was really looking forward to it. Then I found out that Mae had to be at a technical rehearsal for her ballet performance this weekend and Sam has to be at Boy Scouts and Lu will be at Grandma's.  Hubby is off this Friday so he can help me out - but even he can't two places at once and so I had to opt out of Bunco. I am not happy about it - I was looking forward to a GNO but my kids come first.  There will be other nights out with the girls.  Putting our kids first is what it means to be a parent.  Some day they will be all grown up - sooner than we know - and we will have all the time in the world to do what we want.  So for now, I will skip Bunco and take care of my family.  I am glad I have three beautiful, healthy, kids that I can put first.

Cara's two cents: Thanks less thing for me to do today...good news is I am moving along I think my twitch maybe gone!  :)


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