Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Happy Mother's Day!  I hope all the moms have a wonderful day tomorrow.  I have been on Mother's Day Overload the last few days.  I worked the Mother's Day plant sale for two days at Lu's school and then last night I helped out at a Mother's Day gift sale at the girls dance school and again today I will be selling flowers outside of the dance school...whew! It is so sweet to see the children with such concern on their faces trying to find the perfect gift for their mom.  The really want to please us - to make us smile and to let us know they really do like and appreciate us even though we may not always feel the love.  Here's a poem my 14-year-old son wrote for me - he entered a Mother's Day contest - he didn't win but that's okay because he let me see that he really does love me even though we don't always agree. Have a wonderful Weekend!

I love my mom because for whatever the reasons,
she weathers my shenanigans through each of the seasons.
For fall comes my boredom, no activities for me
I don't know how she does not get up and flee.
In winter I nag
the weathers a drag
she ups my spirits
but the harsh weather won’t hear it.
Then spring has sprung
I am done
but here comes sports
And mom shuffles and sorts.
I stop to think what a wonderful mom.
Taking me here, there and everywhere in moms taxi I call it
how can any mom do it and still get through it?
The schedules intense
she needs to vent
maybe a nice spa day or a Broadway play.
I love my mother ever so much and this a small touch
to what she does to make me, her boy, happy.

Cara's two cents: Bravo Sam! See they do notice all we do!


jackie said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I have 2 awards for you

Anonymous said...

Awww...Sweet Boy!! LOVE Sam's poem!! xo

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