Thursday, May 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Stop Yelling at Me!

Stop yelling at me - famous last words from my daughter Mae this morning.  The funny thing is I wasn't yelling, merely pointing out.  If I am yelling, believe me, you will hear me - so will the whole block.  I am not a yeller - I will correct you calmly, I will give you a list of all that needs to be done, I will criticize whatever mishap is going on - but I try not to yell.  Of course we all lose our temper now and again and yes, on occassion, I do yell.  If you ask Mae, though, I am a serial screamer.  Anytime I ask her to do something or criticize her for being late or the state of her room, I am "yelling at her."  It's funny how perceptions of the same event can be so completely different.  Her brother will often defend me and say I am not yelling yet in her mind, anytime I correct her I am screaming blue murder.  Maybe its her guilty conscience because she knows what I am saying is true - her room is a mess - she is perptually late for everything (I don't "do" late) - and she can be overwhelmingly lazy.  Maybe I should just start whispering every conversation I have with her so she can't accuse me of yelling.  Maybe I will just ignore the whole thing and view it as pre-teen angst.  Lord give me strength to get through the next decade when I will have not one but two teenage girls...Maybe I will just start yelling.


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