Sunday, June 6, 2010

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I'm grateful...
this weekend was a do nothing weekend
well behaved(this weekend anyway) 
pool hopping little boys
Junior learned that sticking to it pay$ off
for the roof over my head....
that had giggling cousins sleeping 
under it last night...
for my kids....
to have cousins to make memories with...
that the coming week...
has things winding down as the end of
school draws near

This weekend,  my son is camping with the boy scouts.  Each year, in June, they have a final campout and awards ceremony.  In the evening, they light a huge bonfire and perform skits. (or skips as Lu kept calling them). The skits are silly and zany and most of it only funny to the boys themselves.  There is lots of dumping of water on each other and bad jokes.  My girls didn't really get it, but I did. It's about being a boy.  About letting it all go and having fun with a group of good kids.  It's about being silly.  I am grateful my son can experience this.  At the end of the campfire, The boys line up, and sing Scout Vespers - picture complete silence, with the low hum of 36 boys voices, one by one they advance to the fire and place american flags in it that they have collected throughout the year for disposal.  At the end, they open all the black POW flags and one-by-one, place them over the fire.  It is one of the most beautiful and solemn sites I have ever seen and for that I am grateful.


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