Monday, June 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: I am...what are you?

So I came across this thing that I cut out of a magazine in my box of "stuff" from my cleaning spree the other day. I am not sure how long I had it or why I cut it out. I would imagine if I am being honest with myself that I probably thought that I should be "being" all of the things on this list that I wasn't. Maybe I was going to try to be everything on that list. 

When I look at it now, I think NO ONE is all of these things...and if I tried to be you would find me wearing a lovely white cotton jacket with the sleeves tied in the back. I think this is a nice jumping off point perhaps. I can probably go through the list and pick a bunch that I think think I am.  I could also pick a bunch that I think I am not and a bunch that I would like to be. 

I would like to think of my self as authentic, capable, caring and dependable. (But then I sound like an appliance) I like to be feisty, fun and happy. I am hardworking, helpful and loyal. But that makes me sound like a mule. Some days I am motivated, nice and tolerant. Yet, some days I am not tolerant. I can be nice and not really want to tolerate you some days. (HONEST is another adjective I would use to describe myself).

I don't find myself to be exceptional, fascinating or surprising. (No low self esteem, just keeping it real.) I can say with confidence that I am not zany or versatile. The word zany kind of irritates me come to think of it.

I wish I would have had this list to cheat off of when I was asked in an interview or group, to write three words that describe myself. I always hate that. I never know what to say. I don't want to write nice, friendly and loyal. I will sound like a Labrador Retriever. I don't want to write intelligent, hardworking and resourceful. B-O-R-I-N-G. 

I think it's hard to pick three. If I had to pick three today I would pick...determined, motivated and real. I think I am some things some days and some days other things. Maybe we are all those things just not in the same day. Or week for that matter. 

If you had to pick three what you would pick? I would love to know....

Jenn's two cents: Well Lucy, I think you can be quite ZANY whether you want to admit that or not...
 as for me, from the list I would pick Hardworking, positive, dependable - not on the list I would pick overwhelmed, undercompensated and just plain old tired!


Rosanne said...

That's easy...Honest, loyal, and real. They all sound like positive things but sometimes I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ladies, only God is the great "I am!" Years ago I would have tried being all those things, too! However, with the wisdom (perhaps) of years, I have let go of trying and just relaxed into being "me"! If some of those words fit, all the better. If not, as a wise person once said, "WHATEVER"!

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