Monday, July 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Home again

Last night was day three of a 3 day reunion of the town where I grew up. Bff's and I went to 2/3. 

The last night was at the beach in the town where we lived. Beach was packed with people from classes ranging from the 70's to early 90's. Everyone brought their significant others and kids. It was so nice to look out over the beach and see people hugging and taking pictures, introducing their spouses to old friends and showing off their kids.

For a few hours times stands still and you are just a kid at town beach with your friends. Some people "poo-poo" it and say they don't want to see people from their past. I don't know maybe some you don't. But even with the people that maybe you weren't the best of friends with back in the day, time goes by you are adults and whatever issues there were are gone and you are truly happy to see each other.

So even though life for me now is good it's nice to go through my town (which is very similar to Mayberry guess that's why I ended up here) and remember all the places I hung out and were part of my life. A time in my life when it wasn't a rat race, no mortgages or major responsibilities. Just my friends, walking home from school on Main Street, hanging out in front of Friendly's, driving our crappy first cars (no one got convertibles for their first car like here in Mayberry). 

Last night driving past the neat little unpretentious houses dotting the road down to the felt like home. Home where I can just be me, a kid from the neighborhood going down to town beach to hang with my friends.  

Jenn's two cents: (via Bon Jovi): It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter where you go...If it's a million miles aways or just a mile up the road....Take it in, take it with you when you go........who says you can't go home


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