Thursday, July 22, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: One Up part 2

After reading Cara's post yesterday I was reminded of when I was a kid.  My mom was famous for telling us to stop playing our game of "oneupmanship".  My brother, sister and I were always in competition.  For attention, for trophies, for whatever.  We all liked to be the winner and we competed aggressively with each other.  I see that sometimes with my own kids.  Getting more attention from me - negative or positive - seems to be a game they play. Sometimes I'll over hear conversations between them - if I split a bag of m&m's between the girls, Lu will always try to get more so she can boast to her sister about getting one more than her.  I think competition is a natural part of life.  For some of us, it makes us better people, for others worse.  Oneupmanship is something a little bit beyond healthy competition though - its more like slapping another person in the face because you took that great thing they just got and said ha ha I got something better.

When it comes to the game of who has more "stuff" you will beat me nine times out of ten.  Cause I don't like stuff... even fancy stuff.  I read an article recently in one of those women's magazines - it was about two women who were best friends and one bought a fancy car and then two weeks later the other bought the same fancy car.  The first one stopped speaking to the second one.  She was appalled that her friend got the same car as her - make, model and color.  Okay so I agree, getting the exact same color is a bit pushy - she could have gotten another color - but maybe the dealer only had red left or maybe it's her favorite color or whatever - to give up a life long friendship over a car? Really?  Friend number one wanted her car to be special - and she said in a round about way to be better than her friends - to show how hard she worked to earn this car she waited a long time for.  The end of the story is that they are no longer friends.  How sad.

I am waiting for the day I can get a fancy car...not a priority but its on my wish list.  And if a friend gets one first?  I might be a tiny bit jealous but I would be so happy for her - and make sure she did all the driving! Would I run out and get the same car? Probably not - unless it's my dream car too - but then I would definitely get a different color!


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