Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Real Housewives

 Ok I admit it. I watch NJHW. 

I never did before. I was home one rainy Saturday afternoon and there was a marathon of 5 episodes and I was hooked. I never watched any of the other "Real" Housewives. Although now I must admit during my marathon I watched "Bethanny Gets Married?" and now I have been stalking all things Bethanny.

I am addicted to the NJHW. So are a lot of other closet watchers I have now found out. When you come out of the closet others feel better and come into the light too. I don't know what it is that attracts me to this show. I don't live in the Garden State but I guess my LONGISLAND accent rivals their NJ one, so maybe they sound like me?

I don't have fake boobs, Botox or lipo. (although I am not totally opposed to any of the before mentioned...just sayin') I do find myself not listening to what they are saying and admiring Caroline's kitchen. So maybe I do covet my next door state neighbors stuff?

I completely understand the sarcasm. Something my West Coast/Mid-Country friends don't really use or "get". I do enjoy the cursing. (Please we have gone over this, I curse. I can't help it.) There's something about a gal dressed to the nines with a chinchilla (ew to that though by the way) jacket saying "You don't want me to call you honey? Is Bitch betta? You crack whore!" C'mon that is just too funny. Just goes to show you can be a lady and curse like a sailor. 

I have been told before and now vehemently that I AM Caroline. Hmm...compliment? I guess. I like her. I would totally be friends with her. I am totally down with her famous line..."you mess with my family you mess with me".

There's about 5000 pictures of Caroline on the web. This one made me lol. That is my face when I am thinking "I am listening to what you are saying...and oh no you didn't! Ok that's it now...brace yourself I am about to open up a can a whup-ass" All that is playing my head while I am sitting there quietly listening to BS. Scary place that head sometimes. So I supposed I do get her. Maybe we are similar. 

Thing is they are not "real". I mean they are real and that's what I love. But they are not "real" housewives. The image the term housewife connotates makes my skin crawl. It does not make me think of designer clothes, mansions and tummy tucks.

The real wives live here in Mayberry. Although the thought of a reality show setting up shop here sounds fun, I don't want to end up like Jon and Kate, or ripping one of my former friend's hair extensions out of her head.  It would probably end that way or another.  The daily round of the wives I know is not exactly made for TV. I am not sure numerous trips to Stop and Shop, summer camp and house cleaning are all that entertaining. I suppose cameras on all the time would find the real drama, and what really goes on behind closed doors. But I also suppose that's why they are closed. Cameras would probably escalate the bound to happen disagreements between a group of women friends. Sometimes thoughts are better left as that. Thoughts, not words. 

So I will just watch from my bed on Monday nights at 10:00. Then on Tuesdays I can during a "text" with another wife bff write "dont' call me" laugh and still be bffs when I see her at the field that night.

Jenn's two cents:  With much encouragement from Cara and Kristin, I tuned into the housewives the other night - and tuned out after the cops showed up - sorry just can't watch a bunch of "grown women" screaming and yelling and calling each other bitch and hiding and crying in their car - those women need to grow up and get a life ... and a chinchilla wrap - really? somebody in wardrobe screwed up.


Anonymous said...

LOL ~ Love that post Caroline, I mean Cara!! (and yes, that is a compliment!) Jenn, you've got to keep watching...a few more episodes and you may just get hooked!! It should be called SHNJ--Surreal Housewives of NJ!!! It may be ridiculous but I am a fan!! Text me on Tuesday Honey!!

Show Me Mama said...

I m your new follower. Great blog. Come visit me at

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