Friday, August 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Farrago - Tomato Tired

I am tomato tired today. Yesterday as I said was Tomato Day. 12 hours of washing, cooking, squashing jarring, boiling tomatoes. I had probably 1000 tomatoes in my hands yesterday. But we got it done. Kids helped they had fun. We start to get punch drunk half way through then we start to have fun too. I am happy my sauce is stocked 60+ jars deep in my pantry for me to use throughout the year. My family likes sauce made with these tomatoes and so the family tradition goes on. Someday it may be me sister in law and I doing the tomatoes. I wonder if we will do it for years and years to come. Some scenes from tomato day...

                            Jars with fresh basil all ready to go
                            SIL washing tomatoes....still smiling it was early...

Tomatoes taking a bath....

                             Child labor...

                            A family affair...

                            Still washing....

                           Like I said...punch drunk!

                           Still washing...




Rosanne said...

Beautiful!! You really are lucky that your MIL is keeping the tradition alive and you kids are getting this experience. They will remember it, trust me.

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