Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Day 2 (Oh! ...and Moms Muffins and Mimosas IV)

Yesterday was the first day of school in case you haven't heard. Everyone got off to a great start. It was a beautiful day, everyone was up on time, all ready and shiny and on time. Yeah well it was day one. We will see how that goes...

I hosted my fourth Moms, Muffins and Mimosas back to school breakfast. We had a few more moms this year than usual. It was a lovely morning. Beautiful weather, beautiful women...yummy food and champagne. Seriously doesn't get much better than that.

I used to feel guilty about doing this. It's definitely a treat. But the days leading up to the first day usually come with stress over first day outfits, correct school supplies and the who's who of teachers. The last few days of summer can be well...annoying.  You run outta things to do. The pool has gotten old, kids are happy to sit in front of the TV (if they actually wake up) in their pj's for the better part of the day.

This is the day to celebrate the beginning of the new year, not that we are happy they are all back in school. (ok, well maybe a little) Today some of us put our babies on the kindergarten bus, or on the Middle School bus for the first time. I sent my HS Senior off this morning...and watched her and her brother drive off. It's the end of the lazy days of summer and the beginning of the running, homework, sports etc.

It's the way we mark the beginning. We want to listen to each other tell our first morning of school stories, memories of summer fun and plans for the weeks ahead. We take a few hours to catch our breath, sit with women who get us and toast the new year. I am glad we started this. I am glad I decided to invite some new friends.

Tomorrow is Day 2 and then the kids are off for a four day weekend. Next week is the real deal. For this weekend we'll sleep a little late and really enjoy the long weekend and not take the days for granted, like we do over the summer.


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