Monday, September 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Football makes me happy

Weird I know. But I decided that yesterday. I was never a big fan like most men and some gals I know. It's always been on in my house come the end of summer 'cause well, I live with one of those men.

I have been watching it for years and it just dawned on me today that I like it. I don't really understand all of it..I get the main idea..catch brown Easter egg shaped ball and run to the other side of the field...all while trying not get pummeled by large men in tight pants. (do they wear underwear by the way? Are their cups sewn into their pants? I am just wondering.)

What I think I like about football season is what it brings. Sundays in the summer are most of the time, for me anyway, filled with company and entertaining. Which I enjoy, but it's a lot of work bringing the party outside. During football season you can have people over for the game but all you need to do is serve beer, make fattening yummy food, plop it on the coffee table and sit. The TV is really loud as are the fans, so kids running around making noise is not an issue. If there are wives of football fans in the room who want to talk they can 'cause you don't really need to hear unless the ref is making a call. It's a win win day for everyone.

Even if it's a day when there's not a football "party" going on and the fans are just here watching alone it probably means there is some comfort food cooking in the kitchen for dinner after the game. Usually something that doesn't need to be watched so I can sit on the couch and actually read the whole Sunday paper and maybe even catch a nap because sometimes the droning of the game does that to me.

I don't feel the guilt like I do in the summer if I don't spend the day outside because it's a beautiful day. Part of the day can be spent outside until game time.

So like I said I am not whining about summer being over this year. I am embracing the seasons. And football too.


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