Thursday, September 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: I hate being Late

This morning was "one of those mornings" in my house where everything just goes wrong from the get-go.  I overslept - something I never do.  The old dog got me up 3 times last night with panic attacks and it just takes its toll when you repeatedly get woken up.  She had a rough night too - but she is still sleeping at 1:00 in the afternoon - something I can't do.  Sam woke me up in a panic at 7:00.  Usually hubby wakes me at 5:30 but if he did I have no recollection of it today. I was out cold.  Got up.  Sam was late to school.  This screwed up my whole morning which made Mae late to school.  I got back on track by the time I had to get Lu to school - she wasn't late (just barely though!)  Ran off to my hair appointment with 0 gallons of gas in my car.  Yep 0.  The DTE when I left to take each child to school started off at 9 DTE than dropped to 7 and then 5. By the time I got in the car to go to my hair appointment it said 2.  I figured I only had to go 5 blocks so I was safe. Got to hair, DTE said 0.  Deciding to live dangerously and the fact that Cara called and needed her hubby's sleeping bag back that I borrowed, I drove another 6 blocks still with 0 to the gas station then to Cara's then back to hair appointment.  Whew.  Got hair done - decided to run to store to pick up a few things and Sam calls.  He needs my kindle that he borrowed the week before school to read a book on for his English class.  Ok - head home, find kindle, charge kindle, head to HS. 

Once home, I started my usual morning routine that I missed this morning of unloading the dishwasher and cleaning off the counter tops. Realized it was my turn to blog and here I am.  Trying to decide if I am making fettuccine Alfredo for dinner or chix tacos.  I also have a lot of laundry waiting for me and an office to clean.  Maybe I should just go take a nap with the old dog instead!


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