Friday, September 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Thoughts whilst shopping....

I have been out shopping the past two days. (much to my husband's chagrin as he reads this...easy Hun...didn't do much damage!) First day was with friends in the store we love that doesn't have anything we need in it but we LOVE there's a LOT of talking....not much time for observing (a.k.a. blog post plotting).

Yesterday I had stuff to accomplish so I was out and about alone. When I have a specific task to do I usually do it alone. When I am buying tea lights and cinnamon scented brooms (again...easy there Tiger I didn't buy one of the brooms!) I can chat and shop. But when I need to buy clothes to go to work I need to do it alone.

YES! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! I said work clothes. I am going to be working a couple days in Hubby's new office. Now I don't know if it counts as a real job since, if the boss pisses me off I will poison his dinner. Or if I have a class party that takes precedence. But still, for me it's a whole new ball game since I have been officially out of the work place for almost 16 years. I am sure there will be much to blog about with this new venture, but that's for another time.

I needed some clothes. I have Mommy clothes. Now not to say that I walk around anymore with baby spit on my shoulder, or wear a babushka and house dress. (the day you see that please shoot me) I try to be hip most days as far as the circles I am in, be it meetings, lunches, shopping, school functions, or going out at night. But I wouldn't say I have a lot that is really appropriate for the workplace. I love my flip flops and they are OK to run up to school but I am pretty sure they are still not OK in the workplace. But I hear that pantyhose is optional now? That's very exciting! I didn't need a new wardrobe but I did need some things to mix with what I got to make myself look somewhat presentable.

Whilst shopping I noticed, and probably have taken for granted, how lovely it is to shop alone. I mean There were lots of moms out shopping yesterday. But watching them I remembered how freakin' annoying it is trying to look at some decent clothes for yourself (remember the spit up shouldered shirts?). You have this short person, just shy of being crazy glued to the stroller seat, (CPS would frown upon that) who has 10,000 requests for juice, goldfish, toys etc. Who has now dropped their shoe God knows where in racks of clothes that you now have to back track to find. UGH!!!!!

Don't give me the "oh they grow up so fast you will miss those days". Bull. Not me. I look back fondly on sitting in the rocker with a little ball of baby in my arms...but shopping? Uh-uh. No way. I don't miss that one bit. I know that mom looked at me with rage in her eyes while I perused the racks. I tried not to be smug. I remember wanting to pummel those shopping alone with their hair brushed.

I get wanting to just get the hell out of the house and buy something for yourself and you have to take the short person, been there done that. But if I may make a suggestion? Don't do a marathon 15 piece clothing try-on session in the fitting room. The kid DOES NOT want to sit in that fitting stall, buckled in their seat for 30 minutes. NOT going to happen.

And not to be mean but I really don't want to hear him screaming. The only screaming coming from the fitting room should be from me when the pants I wanted don't fit. And if the kid is wailing and saying "I want a ba-ba! I want night-night!" then maybe it's time to go home. Just a suggestion.

Then there was the lady of a certain age in front of me on line with a mountain of stuff to buy, armed with store coupons and her senior discount...who decided she was in no rush...and let me go ahead of her...since she spotted some dish towels she might like to buy. Aaahh...the future is bright!

Jenn's two cents: try not to let my hubby know about this whole working thing - I don't want to join the ranks...All you moms going back to work is going to put the pressure on me and cowgirl!


Cherie said...


Couldn't agree with your comment more!!! All you new working moms- STOP IT!!:)

Lori said...

Yes! Stay home....lets go to lunch!

Cara and Jenn said...

easy there you really think I would let a thing like work get in the way of lunching and girl stuff? Highly unlikely!!! xo ~C

rosemarie said...

Go get 'em kiddo, you have a lot to offer...that office will NEVER be the same!!! love ya, Rosemarie

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