Monday, October 11, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Autumn Adornments

(new flag purchased this year...I had been hearing so many people say that the middle of practically jumped in my cart at the store...)

I am finally done decorating for Autumn/Halloween. But I will, around November 1st still have to swap out jack-o-lanterns and skulls that yell at you when you walk in the front door for turkeys and pilgrims.

Decorating really is my passion. I go into the zone when I am planning it or doing it. People come into my house and either compliment me or tell me I am crazy or have too much time on my hands. (Which in turn drives me crazy! I have the same amount of time as they do I just choose to use it differently!!!grr!!!) And if I worked full time or had a different living situation I would still decorate my house for the everyday and for the holidays/seasons.

I have learned a few lessons over the years when it comes to holiday/seasonal decorating.

1. Don't decorate too far in advance. DO NOT start hauling out witches and pumpkins the day the kids go back to school. First of all it's still hot as blazes and the thought of a pumpkin pie makes me nauseous. And by the time trick or treaters are knocking at your door, your pumpkins will be dusty. Wait until the earliest the first day of fall. Let yourself enjoy the last days of summer that seem to evaporate as soon as the bus pulls up the first day of school.

2. Don't overwhelm yourself. Just because someone like me has a ridiculous, border lining on an addiction to pumpkins, does not mean you have to as well. A few things that make you happy to look at and warm up your home is all that you need.

3. You are not obligated to use every decoration you have bought over the last 20 years of marriage. This is something I have learned this year. It's really OK. Some things you need to have a discussion with.
Me: I know you look like crap Mr. Wooden Ghost For The Yard, but how can I throw you out? My husband made you, when we lived in our first house.
Mr. Wooden Ghost For The Yard: I got wet down in the basement from the flood in April. I am moldy. Spraying me with bleach will not help and if I am being honest I am embarrassed to stand out in the front yard anymore. Time to let me go. 
So I did. If I am being honest I miss seeing him out there. Again though...unhealthy emotional attachment to things. I am working on it!!!

4. Save a FEW of your children's creations. I know when they are little it's tempting to save everything. But do save a few really good ones (c'mon you know some of them are hard to even tell what they are supposed to be never mind qualify as artwork) and hang them up every year. I do. We all look at them now and have a good' teenage friends especially get a kick out it them.

5. Only put out things you love. Don't put out some tired old looking thing just because that's where you have always put it every year. Don't hang some ugly cheap looking thing just because so and so gave it to you. It's a good way to purge. Do I love this? Yes? Then out on the mantle it goes. No? Nice knowing you.

6. When you buy something new throw something out. I say every year I am not buying any more pumpkins. But then every year one or two catch my eye and I must have it. I have nine tubs of autumn decorations. I will not buy another tub so out with the old in with the new.

This week I will blog about autumn decorating. If you haven't taken your pumpkins out yet get on it!!! Time's a wastin'!!!! 


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