Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Ya know what gets my Goat?

Which when I think about it is yet another stupid idiom we use. I for one use them a lot. They really make NO SENSE.
 But this guy's picture makes me laugh.

1. Can someone tell me why High School graduation pictures cost 4 times as much as regular school pictures? (and I bought a cheap package) They are special. I get it. Special in that they are special to me. They are not spectacular. She is wearing the same black velvet drape I wore 25 years ago. So why? Why because you are going to buy them...and they got you by the...well they got you. It really irks me.

2. Why does someone come to my door several times a week selling something? I have no problem buying girl scout cookies from friend's kids, or a car wash coupon from the kid down the block. But why do these random adults or teenagers constantly knock on my door selling magazine subscriptions, God, candy or other things I do not want. (no offense God) I don't want to be mean but go away.  I don't want any of it. Don't knock on my door after dark either cause there's NO WAY I am opening the door. (seriously?) I can't tell you how many times I have "hid" in my house waiting for the door bell ringing (and ringing) idiot to go away.

3. How can Starbucks run out of apple cider for Carmel Apple Spice or Pumpkin Coffee for Pumpkin Latte in OCTOBER??????? And run out of it for the past 5 times I have gone in for one or the other? I mean really? It's October...pumpkins, apples, leaves, cool weather??? Remember???? You run out two times in a week. Wait, I know! ORDER MORE FREAKIN' APPLE CIDER!!!!! Just a thought.

OK. Now I will go find my dam goat.


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