Friday, November 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara Friday Farrago: What do you think?

I have had an irritating week. Not a bad week per se, just irritating. Do you think things happen for a reason? Or do you think that's something that people say when something crappy happens to make you feel better?

I think things happen for a reason. But when they are happening or have happened I don't remember to stop and think about the reason.

Do you think people are put in your path for a reason? Or you just happen upon them?

People.I definitely think they are put in your path for a reason. I have had people put in mine in the past or lately for that matter, that leave me scratching my head...why? Especially the ones that irritate me. I don't think I go looking for trouble, (or do I???) it just always seems to find me.

I do find it fun though when I think someone was put in my path to irritate me then it turns out I kinda like them. One or two have even become friends, in the past that is, definitely not this week.

I have heard myself say out loud to a friend "Why me?" "Why did I end up with this one in my path?" In the midst of "irritation" it's hard to figure out why.  Is there a lesson to be learned? About life? About myself?

Sometimes I think it's easier just to stay away from people and hide in my house! Well, for awhile anyway I would go nuts if I did that too many days in a row. I hid a little yesterday and guess what? I played some Christmas music!(just instrumental no singing) while I was cleaning. Actually it was the second time if I am being honest.

I know, I know but don't call the Christmas police just yet! I think it's true what they say "music soothes the savage beast"...mine definitely needed soothing. And be darned if the one of the first cd's I got my first Christmas married didn't do the trick, and venting with pals over coffee helps too.

So if anyone crosses your path in the next few weeks and decides they want to be irritating...smack 'em up side the head with a candy cane and listen to some Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on the alto sax. Fa la la la la!

Jenn's two cents:  I was put in your path to tell you NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Fa la la la la
Cara's three cents: You made me lol before my coffee this morning...!!! :D


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