Saturday, November 20, 2010

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I am short on time today.  Why? Because I have spent the last 4 days cleaning my windows...and I am still not done!  I have finished the windows on the first floor and two rooms on the second - haven't gone near the third yet.  What a difference a clean window makes though - all my rooms are so much brighter - the windows look bigger and now everyone visiting the library (which I live next to) can see in even better. 

I figured out why the windows are taking me so long.  I am doing each window two or three times - just as I finish one and move on to the next, I see a streak or a smudge and have to redo that first window.  A bird decided to poop on one of my just cleaned windows.  For all the windows with furniture in front of them, you have to move the furniture and then see whats on the floor under the furniture so that has to be cleaned too.  It just goes on and on!

On the up side, the kids noticed the clean windows right away - hubby noticed the smudges (perfectionist).  I am getting my house holiday ready and that includes clean windows for all those candles to shine through.  Tis the season - fa la la la la.  Have a great weekend everyone - heading off the the LAST farmers market of the season - very sad - I will miss the ravioli most of all.

Cara's two cents: Uh? did you just sing fa la la la la? I know you ain't had no turkey yet...what's up with that? :D


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