Friday, November 12, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Farrago

Day off yesterday, sleeping a little later, loafing around all morning. Nothing major planned. A little shopping that's it. Usually I feel the need to plan away on a day off for Mike 'cause God forbid he had nothing to do. Please. I need to get over that. And lucky for me he got invited by a friend to go see the movie with the alien with the big blue head that I really didn't feel like seeing. So, yeah me!

So some Friday observations...

-Karma kicked my butt the other day. I was doing a little food shopping finishing off my list in store #2. I had a small list. In and out. Well it must've been Senior Citizen day 'cause they were EVERYWHERE! Moving in slow motion or running me down in their motorized carts. I was seriously starting to get pissed. I grumbled my way through my list. I went out to my car. I couldn't find it. I know I parked next to the shopping cart wtf?????? I looked and looked and started for one second to think, "did someone really steal the Farkle Family van?" C'mon. Oh wait!
I have hubby's car today and there it is right where I parked it. Hmmmm...senior moment? Yeah, sometimes Karma sucks.

My Christmas/Holiday folder is officially out. Yes people, the sh@% is on. You have been warned.

Tonight is pizza night with some pals. I love pizza night. I love pizza, love my friends and I don't have to cook. Wine, pizza, dessert, lively, usually hysterical conversation with our whole families. That's pretty good.

Happy Weekend!


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