Saturday, November 13, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: 42 Days

42 Days to Christmas and the panic is already setting in. In my fantasy world, I celeberate Christmas on a beach somewhere with frozen cocktails and kids playing in the sand and hubby lying next to me just enjoying the day.  No blackberries, no computers, no nothing but sunshine and ocean vistas. 

In my reality, I am it.  I do all the planning, cooking, shopping, decorating.  It all falls on me. Christmas sends me into a tailspin.  It is the Christmas gifts that are really my undoing.  If I had a chrystal ball and knew in June what my kids wanted from Santa than there would really be no issue.  My kids are starting to put their christmas lists together now...and of course, everything Lu, my eight-year-old wants, every other 8-year-old must want too.  The number one gift on her list this year is Monster High Dolls.  Already sold out pretty much everywhere.  Do I have great hope that they will come in again for Christmas? Yes, I do. But like Zuzu pets and nintendo DS and the Wii in Christmas' past, demand will far outpace availability.  That means I will be online and running from store to store to try to find these things.  I already have my girl friends on high alert.  I will spend the next few weeks going from Target to Walmart to Kmart to Toys r us hunting them down.  I could go on ebay and pay triple the retail price - but I won't do it. 

The holiday rush begins.  In a few years time,  I will live out that fantasy of Christmas beach side but for this year, I will run and rush and try to be Merry.

Cara's two cents: I highly recommend "high alert" to your friends in your Christmas gift hunts! Put my girls on high alert for THE wrestling ring alarm clock and in less than 24 hours Jenn got it! So now you know the pressure is on for Monster High Dolls. I am on it!!! :) Oh and 42 days??? ack!!!!


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