Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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One good thing I can say about elections being over, no more stupid commercials on TV every 2 seconds. Mike and I were watching TV the other day and he asked why there were bad commercials about people running in the election. He wanted to know "do they do anything good or just do some people do more bad things than others." Astute don't you think? Hmm.

As an adult, I can't even tell you what they did or didn't do from their commercials. What happened to telling us what you believe in, stand for and do or will do? When did it all become about finger pointing and lies, listing all the bad things the other guy does? It's really sickening. If you want to be King of the State then let's hear what good things you have accomplished that we should give you a chance. Let's hear what plans you have for my little piece of the state that floats out in the ocean that everyone seems to forget about.

I am not sure I can have respect for someone who only gains fame or wins the "contest" by tearing down other people. That does not sit well with me.

There's a certain red headed comedianne that does this. I am not writing her name. I don't want people googling her and my post associating me with her. She makes me sick. She attacks everyone and makes the lowest of low comments. She is really a pig. So let's give her, her own reality show and let her cohost on the View now and again. Really? Be a comedian and make fun of people, but maybe not cross the line. Maybe not attack the children of people you don't like? Just a thought.

Why is that ok? Why do we watch and give attention to people like that? As much as it nauseates me it saddens me too. Is everyone and everything negative? Hence the reason why I need to turn off the news most days.

So what to do to restore that "happy" in my heart? Yesterday me and my posse ( I know, I am so cool with my words...hee hee) took our kids to participate in Operation Christmas Child. We filled shoe boxes wrapped in Christmas paper with toys, school supplies, candy and toiletries to be sent to children in poor countries who don't have enough to eat, never mind ever receive a gift.

We watched a video of some children who have received these boxes before and how happy it made them. (much more uplifting than the 5:00 news). We bought supplies, donated money to help with the postage. Mike donated some of his own Halloween candy and a few small toys he had never really played with. He was so happy to do it. He filled as many boxes as he could. As I sat there and watched him and his friends thoughtfully fill each box with the child that might receive it in mind, he came over and said "Mom this makes my heart feel good" kissed me and ran to get another empty box to fill. I sat there and thought "Me too Mike, me too."

Ah, there's that happy!   :D


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